The process of taking your raw multitrack recordings and using the experience and tools to make it into a record you can be proud of. Every project is special to me, whether it is a home recording that needs elevating to release standard, or a band's latest single. 



What We Do

The process is quite simple: you upload your audio files to me, then I combine the separate tracks, choosing the placement of the tracks within the stereo field, adjusting and balancing their relative levels and applying various processes such as equalisation and compression to individual tracks, adding reverbs, delays, saturation, harmonizers and an array of effects to groups of tracks, and the overall stereo mix to make the sonic wonder that will eventually be your record! We then make revisions based on your feedback until you are happy (as many as you like) at which point I arrange professional mastering. 

Once we have finished the mix stage with your multitrack recording, unlike many recording studios that offer online mastering services, or one of those robot services like eMastered or Landr we offer mastering by a real mastering engineer, in a real mastering suite. After we work together to make a quality mix your audio files are then transferred from our digital workstation to our ME to apply his experience using equalization, dynamic compression, peak limiting and other tools in order to optimise sound translation on all playback systems.

Even if your song has been professionally mixed, to get the same person to master your record is usually a bad idea. Any potential EQ flaws in the audio tracks will be missed if they are mastered in the same room. That’s why almost every successful release made uses this exact process, and why your music deserves the same.

Mixing And Mastering

Mixing And Mastering