I do ONE thing: mix YOUR music to sound the best it possibly can.

Audio Mixing

Make Your Music Shine

Our industry has changed. Many artists are home recording or working in small recording studios.. A merely good audio recording can only get you so far; you need a great mixer for your music. Your passion and love for what you do is what will connect you with your audience, so I want to support you and your vision.

From Recording Studio To Release

As an experienced 4x platinum recording engineer & mixer in the industry, I know how to craft and mix sound to make great music to please both fans and A&R alike . I have achieved national number ones and radio hits for artists just like you in several countries, often starting with less than ideal tracks. Once we've worked together to create your distinct sound, I'll help you get your music out there. Just reach out for a chat!

Online Mixing and Mastering

Pro Audio Mixing is what I know, do daily, and love. As an audio engineer  I am committed to helping artists achieve the best possible finished recordings via my mixing and mastering service ( featuring optional all analog mastering through my partner) and helping them to achieve new heights in the music industry. Whether it is just one track, or an entire album you need mixing, the same care and attention will be applied to your music production. Exporting the multitrack stems from your digital audio workstation, whether you use pro tools, cubase, ableton live, logic pro or reaper for your audio production is simple and I will guide you through it.

Mix & Master Examples

Lets face it; if I can make it sound good on SoundCloud it will sound good anywhere! Most of these tracks were recorded in a home studio, then mixed in my professional recording studio.